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The talks are aimed at local history & amenity societies, they  are a mixture of wildlife, landscape and history.  I normally ask for a fee of £35 to cover costs provided the venue is on Wirral. 

NEW!!!!  ''Sound and Vision"  Sit back and relax to a series of audio visual programmes, a blend of beautiful images and music, Greece, Hilbre, Barnston  Dale, the  Alaska Railroad, Calgary Stampede, Ireland, and more, you can even make your own choice on the night. Satisfaction  guaranteed.

NEW!!!!   "Alaska & the American North West".  Fairbanks Alaska to Calgary, Alberta via Washington, Idaho & Montana States.  Bears, bald eagles, killer whales, bison the story of the Yukon gold rush with a finale at the World Rodeo Championships, 'Calgary Stampede.

NEW!!!!  ''Wild Places, Wild things"  Wildlife photography following the seasons, from the back garden to the shores of the Mediterranean. 

NEW!!!!   "The Beauty & interest of Wirral". The title is from a book written nearly 100 years ago but the Beauty & interest still remain.  Old postcards, modern views, wildlife & history.

"Camera at Work" Photographs of Birkenhead taken in the early 1960's whilst working as a police officer. The talk moves on to cover police photography & fingerprints, followed by a look at the workings of the Manchester Ship Canal & and the Tug company for which I used to work. 

"Postcard from Barnston" Old photographs (from 1860 to 1967) of Storeton, Heswall,Pensby, Irby, Thingwall & Barnston.  Can you remember any of these scenes, includes snippets of local history. 

“Fender Valley”  The river Fender rises in Pensby, then flows through many Wirral Townships before joining the River Birkett and emptying in to Birkenhead Docks.  This is an update of an earlier talk which now concentrates on the wildlife of this beautiful  but little known area of Wirral.

"The One-Eyed city"
 An affectionate look at Birkenhead, a personal view that looks at some of Birkenhead's more famous sons & sights, from its foundation by the monks of Birkenhead Priory, through the  launch of the World's first submarine to the present day.


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